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Mary and Amy's 2005 Commitment Ceremony
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Date:2004-07-22 10:28
Mood: okay

I was seraching through interests (for wedding invitations) & I found your community so I decided to join. I hope that you don't mind that I joined. I have been married once & one the way to my second, so I know my way around them. If you need any advice just let me know~ :)

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Date:2004-01-20 09:18
Mood: peaceful

Mary's sister in law, Margie, has agreed to do the calligraphy for the invitations :)

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Date:2004-01-10 21:49
Subject:La La La La La
Mood: happy

Aunt Faith has started work on the "First Try" dresses. She's going to make them in cheap materials and send them to us to see if they're what we want and how they fit, make any adjustments, then make the final ones. I'm excited :)

I called Robert at Balboa Park. He was nice and answered all of my questions. He is, for the record, considerably smarter than anyone else in the permits department.

I'm keeping a food journal in a effort to eat healthier and (possibly) lose weight. Since my sleeves on the dress are going to be sheer I'm starting to (YEEP!) exercise.

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Date:2004-01-03 14:10
Mood: good

Ordered samples of these invitations a week or so ago.



The second ones are ugly, but you never know and the samples are free. I really love the first ones.

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Date:2004-01-03 12:56
Subject:If you ever decide to do this, elope
Mood: accomplished

Okay, it's not that bad :)

We can have Olive Garden food for under $300. We just need someone to pick it up and serve it, is the problem.

Yesterday we went to Balboa Park and found the place we want (Casa Del Prado). It's an outdoor, 2 story patio type setting. Secluded, gorgeous. Then we went to the permits department where they acted like we were the first people through there who wanted to have a wedding. Balboa Park is the #3 attraction in San Diego. Their website says "WE DO WEDDINGS!". And yet, you would think I'd ask to hold a mass chicken slaughter. However, we did fill out a form that the lady is going to show to "Robert" when he comes back to work, and she also gave us a number to call and talk to him on Monday. Let's hope he's a little more on the ball than everyone else. Mary called last week and got a rundown of their ballpark prices:

$242 for the first 3 hours
$500 damage deposit
$67 for chairs and tables (However, the lady at the permit office said the chairs were orange. YUCK!)
Kitchen included for caterers

The lady at the office also said she thinks you can rent a room to change in. That would be nice, cause I don't want to wed nude. Unfortunately she said you can't rope it off or put up a "Closed For A Private Event" sign, which, if that's true, REALLY pisses me off. I mean, come on, every wedding that's been held in the 75 year history of the park has been totally open where homeless and/or random people can just walk up to the buffet line with a plate? Who are we kidding? Hopefully Robert will say differently.

On a more promising note: DRESSES!
Oh. My. God. We found the MOST beautiful, perfect, absolutely astounding dresses. EXACTLY what we want. Only they're $2,000 each. Plus shipping from the UK.

You can see them behind the cut.
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We're both totally in love with these dresses. Mary's would have the regular sleeves and mine would have the sheer ones (arm toning weights, here I come!). You know, in a perfect world where we can pull $4,000+ dollars out of our asses. So we were sad as we came to the realization that we're poor. Then we had an idea. They sell patterns for medieval-ish dresses. My Aunt Faith is a sewing genius. Maybe, if we paid her way to the wedding and also for the dress making materials, maybe, just maybe she would try to make our dresses.

We found this pattern (Behind the cut):

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We're thinking if you take dress A, make it longer, keep the sleeves batwing but make them smaller, and take the swag off the neckline you'd have a very close resemblance to the Iona dress. You'd just need to throw a belt around the waist and make the sleeves sheer on one and normal on the other. Any thoughts/comments/suggestions?
I called Aunt Faith and she said she didn't know if she could do it (I know she can), but that she would look at the pattern this weekend, and also look at the link to the Iona dresses on Monday and see what she could do.

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